Selfie Tips For Smart Cool People

Selfie Tips For S,mart People
Selfie Tips For S,mart People

Selfie, already become so popular right now, surprisingly it became Oxford dictionary word of the year 2012… oopss I mean 2013. Not only youths, even old people also do this selfie. Everybody, who have camera on their smartphone will capture their own photography… Actress and actor also do this selfie, on top of that they also do it as endorsement for the smartphone… As you know, like Samsung and Apple do it to promote their products. If you follow politic news, even Obama do the selfie, or sometimes wefie, selfie in a group… He do it with other country leader. These phones are cheap but good for selfie

For smart and cool people, the results of photo is really important. It will be uploaded to social media like facebook, twitter, path, instagram or other. So if you want to do the right selfie, to get the coolest photo among your friends, let’s look on how to do it right.

1. Find the right angle

Angle is really important, why? because sometime people looks great on one side, but not from other side. That is why you must find the good angle for you to take photo. Try to photo yourself from above, right, below, and more. But of course you must practice it on your room first. After you get the coolest angle, you can try to do it outside. Find more than one angle, so you will not get bored.

2. Find good background

Ever wonder why people do selfie in extreme place? Yup, to find good background. But please do not do it on a place that will endanger you, like in the lip of cliffs. Do it with proper and safety tools to avoid accident.

Good background can be what you really like, like the scene of nature, art, beach, artistic architecture or anything. You can also find the good angle for that background, then combine it with the cool angle of yours. By doing that, you may find the coolest photo ever.

3. Do not tense when you photo yourself, or RELAX

Yea.. relax is important to have the good result. It will be shown on how you look on the camera, on your face, your body posture and gesture. You will look awkward. Try to enjoy the environment, enjoy the moment you have with your beloved one, or enjoy anything. You will feel happy, and your mood on selfie also will be good.

4. Care for the Lighting

Yes, light will always be important factor of photography. Try to find the angle that will focus on you or background that you want to focus. Avoid back light as it will make your photo dark. Of course if you want to take silhouette photo, it will be different. You can also use flash light or LED lamp to help for the lighting. Amazon is good source to find these LED for selfie

5. Use accessories to Help

There are many accessories to help you take better selfie like monopod, remote control, lens, lamp and many more. If you are iphone user, you can try to use these accessories. If you are android user, you can find it here.

OK, that is tips and tricks to photo yourself. We hope you take the good photo. My last words are “stay safe when you take selfie”.