How to Choose Best GPS Dog Collar? Part -2

How To Choose GPS Dog Tracker on dog collar
How To Choose GPS Dog Tracker

After the first part of How to Choose Best GPS Dog Collar Part 1, let’s continue with the second part. Eventhough they are the second part of the list, it doesn’t make them worse than previous GPS I mentioned. They maybe have different feature, although the main feature is to track your beloved pet like dog or cat.

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

Tagg GPS Plus is device to track your pet’s. This GPS is attached in the dog’s collar. You can track your dog as long as the GPS is on, which maybe can up for several days. You can define Tagg zone, when the pet (dog or cat or other animal) go beyond the this zone, the device will send an email and text message to you as an allert. The location will be visible in your smartphone app or web app.

This device has several new features like temperature sensor that will notifies you if the pet in extreme temperature, outside healthy temperature. They will not freezeor overheated because Tagg device will send you an alert.

Tagg GPS tracker also monitors the pet’s actifity and fitness to keep your pet’s health. Veterenary suggest all pet lovers to acompany pet to excercise for about 30 -60 minutes a day. So,if your pet use this device, fear not to let their health bad.

Pawscout Smart Tag GPS Tracker

Use pawscout on the pet collar to track your pet around 200-foot radius with any smartphone or tablet which installed Pawscout App. If the pet go beyond that radius, Pawscout will send alert. This tracker has partnership with SFSPCA. This means there is community-supported feature to help stray dog with Pawscout to be found by their master.

If your pet gone missing, any smartphone around your neighbors that install free Pawscout app may receive a notification from you. This will make the community around help you to find it. So it like you put “lost dog” poster around your neighbor.

Pawscout also has feature to store pet profile and lifetime of protection of your pet. The good news is this feature is a one-time purchase. This is very good, because the data can be visible to you without go to veterinary.