How To Avoid Virus on Android Smartphone Easily

Android Anti Virus
Android Anti Virus

Now, Android is the biggest market share holder for smartphone, and it makes Android become target by hacker or virus. There are many virus, malware, and unwanted program which threaten this “green robot”. So How to avoid virus on Android Smartphone Easily and free? We will discuss about theme here.

Virus, Malware, Trojan, Etc

These unwanted program usually will have goal to breach the security. It will crave the personal data of user like username, password, or other thing. Some other goal of these unwanted program is to ruin the system. So that’s why we have to avoid virus on our smartphone.

Android developer already think about this problem, and they try to protect the system, like by asking permission every time user install an application. Every user need to be protected, but sometimes there are still many holes on the system, especially if user did a mistake. Like, If you install some program that request many things outside the functionalities of the apps, you should be careful.

Android Security
Android Security
  1. Use only app from trustable developer
    There are many application out there, and maybe there are lot of application which not safe and pass the quality assurance. That’s why we should only install application from trustable source. Trustable source like Google play is good for user to install application. Even though there are many alternative out there, but you should always take caution if you install from other source.Another trustable source of Android marketplace is Amazon marketplace. There are some good apps on this alternative, some are exclusive for Amazon. There are also lot of books, as you know Amazon is also good book store.There are many alternative, but you should be careful.
  2. Avoid suspicious apps
    On the first run of Google Play, there are lot of fake BBM World apps launched in Google play marketplace (Don’t worry, now Google already filter the app on their marketplace). This means, trusted marketplace can be even breached by fake app creator. Always know what application you want to install. You can search the review first, hopefully from trusted source. Get the official link for installing. Again, do not carelessly install beside from Google play Store and Amazon marketplace.
    Carelessly install app from APK also may make your smartphone get a virus. We know that some time ago, Pokemon Go APK already spread all over the internet because no official release on  some country. This may make hacker or cracker make an APK which has virus. To avoid it, you may also compare the size of 2 same APK with same version from two source. If it different, you should not install it.
  3. Device Security Setting
    Start from Android 2.2, Android already has feature to verify the application. On Setting > Security, you will find checkbox of “Verify Apps”. By checking it, System will always notify the user if the apps not installed from trusted source.
  4. Update Android System
    Google will always update the Android system along with its security. By updating your Android, you may avoid virus that vulnerable to previous Android version. Usually, smartphone vendor already have after service to update the android system. You can always check their official website to know whether your Android get the next update or not.  Vendor will also give the proper instruction to update your smartphone if available. Samsung smartphone usually give the update for their device, so you may try to buy from them on Amazon.
  5. Use Anti-virus Application
    There are lot of anti-virus application  on Google play store and also from Amazon marketplace. You may try AVG Antivirus, Avast Anti-virus for Android, or maybe McAfee Mobile Security. Beware of some untrusted antivirus which you don’t know. Google already let 1 fake antivirus app, but they already removed it.

OK, so that is some ways on How To Avoid Virus on Android Smartphone Easily. You should always be careful on your smartphone, because there are lot of bad guys out there targeting careless people. All of your data is important, so don’t underestimate it.