Android and iPhone Photo Recovery From Delete – Free and Easy

Free and Easy Smartphone Photo Recovery

Ever accidentally delete photo on your Android phone or iPhone ? Or maybe you delete something, and want to get it back? No need to worry, there are some ways to do Photo recovery. If the storage still can be recovered, you can get your photo back. You may use Dr.Fone (Try it Free) (psstt… If you are just want to use it one time you can use it free).

This software will help you to recover deleted files on your smartphone.

PS: If you have bad luck, maybe Photo recovery can not be done.

How to Recover Photo from Android And iPhone

So how to do it? Ok, we have the steps to do it. Let’s take a look on them.

Android and iPhone Photo Recovery from delete
1. Android and iPhone Photo Recovery

First Thing first, is connect your smartphone (Android or iOS, we use Android for these steps) to your computer. Of course you have to install Dr. Fone first. You can download it and try it for free from Amazon here

Android and iPhone Photo Recovery
2. Android and iPhone Photo Recovery

Choose data you want to recover after that. There are photos, contacts, and many more.

Android and iPhone Data Recovery
3. Android and iPhone Photo Recovery

You need to do something on your smartphone, which is allow debugging mode. Go to setting, then Applications, then Development and then check USB Debugging. This will allow computer program to access some of the restricted feature on your Android.

Android and iPhone File Recovery
4. Android and iPhone Photo Recovery

After the USB Debugging allowed, Dr. Fone will have permission to recover the files. Click on start button. You can also check “Enable Deep Scan” which will make Dr. Fone try to search deeper to recover more contacts and messages, but this feature will take more time. If you want to search old data, you may check this, but if you just delete/erase it a while ago, you may not check this feature.

Android Photo Recovery
5. Android and iPhone Photo Recovery

There will be notifications on your device smartphone, you have to allow and grant access to Dr. Fone, so it can recover your smartphone’s deleted data.

iPhone Photo Recovery
6. iPhone Photo Recovery

Voila…. There will be some deleted data or pictures recovered. You can save them and copy to your computer to recover them.

Free Trial for Dr. Fone

This software is really good to recover your old memories from your smartphone like Android and iPhone which has been deleted. There are already lot of people saved by this photo recovery software, Dr. Fone, so why don’t you try it?

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